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About Sterling Heights, MI’s Trusted Scrap Metal Recycling Yard

About Us: Scrap Metal Recycling Sterling Heights MI | Admiral Metals - carriageWe are a fourth generation, family-owned and operated scrap metal recycling business located in Sterling Heights, MI.

In the mid-1930s, our great grandpa started out each day by renting a horse and buggy to travel to the manufacturing plants that had begun to sprout up around the city. This was at the time of the original Ford plants, and he collected oily rags and metal scraps from the assembly lines. This humble beginning is where our family business originated from. In the years after that, with WWII needing raw materials, scrap metal recycling became an entire industry and our small family business started to grow. From there, it was basically two men and a truck until 1999, when founding father Steven Foon decided to open up a physical yard location in Sterling Heights, Michigan. This location is still open to this day and home to Admiral Metals.

The current president, Michael Foon, began at Admiral Metals in 2007 and immediately started growing the yard operations to increase volumes in and out of the yard. Younger brother, Elliot Foon, joined the team in 2009 after graduating from Michigan State University and hit the ground running. The two boys implemented new technology and bigger, heavier equipment, as well as increasing the workforce to grow the business even more.

We pride ourselves on customer service through our hands-on approach.

We recycle all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, allowing for a wide range of acceptable items. Our vast fleet of trucks and trailers include roll-offs and luggers, as well as dump trucks and enclosed box/van trailers (between 26-53 ft), so we can ensure you have the right equipment for any size job. We focus on industrial and commercial manufacturers with specialized dump hoppers or bins/totes (located at your facility) for processing of fall off (scrap) that is generated during the manufacturing process. In addition, we offer businesses specialized payment terms for ongoing projects so we can reconcile payments on a per load, per week or even monthly schedule.

We service our entire community with our centrally-located yard in Sterling Heights, which is open to the public six days a week.

Serving individuals, large corporations and everything in between, we maximize your revenue stream all while protecting the environment, one piece of scrap metal at a time. We recycle thousands of tons of scrap metal every month at this facility, nearly 50 million pounds of ferrous and non-ferrous metals combined last year, reducing landfill space and continuing the life cycle of metals from cradle-to-grave and back again. Admiral Metals’ facility has a 40-foot drive-on scale for large trucks. We have three platform scales for weighing smaller materials, as well. Our Niton X-ray analyzer gives quick inspections of alloy chemistry to determine payout value on the spot with extreme accuracy. We also have several different variations of high-low forklift trucks to assist in the loading and unloading process, if needed.

To learn more about us or to sell your scrap, visit our shop today or get in touch! Proudly serving Sterling Heights and the surrounding communities.