Scrap Metal Recycling in Sterling Heights, MI

Scrap Metal Recycling Services Sterling Heights MI | Admiral Metals - pipesSell your copper, aluminum, steel and more to Admiral Metals for great prices!

If your business has a surplus of metal materials or scraps, recycling is something that you should consider. Not only is it good for the planet, but it’s also great for your wallet! You’re able to sell back scrap metal for a pretty penny, and Admiral Metals in Sterling Heights is the place to do it! With nearly 20 years of experience pricing and purchasing customers’ scrap metal in Southeast Michigan, we work hard to get you the most money for your items. No matter how much or how little metal you have, our team will be able to facilitate having it weighed out and paid out. We are also open to the public!

Our scrap metal recycling facility offers:

  • A Public Walk-In Scale
  • Experienced and Knowledgeable Staff
  • A Niton Analyzer
  • Material Handler(s) - On-Site to Assist Unloading
  • High-low/Forklift Trucks - On-Site to Assist Unloading
  • Bobcats - On-Site to Assist Unloading
  • Drive-on scale
  • Magnet for Ferrous Metals
  • Baler(s) for Nonferrous Metals
  • Shear(s) for Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals

Why should I take the time and effort to recycle my metals instead of just throwing them out?

We pay you top dollar for your unwanted scrap. 
Your garbage can’t do that! Why not make some money while getting rid of your items? You may be surprised what we can offer your business! We offer the processing of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. 

Extend the lifecycle of your goods for others to use.
Recycling your metals allows them to be transformed into other metal objects that someone else could use. Repurposing gives metal another chance to be made into valuable and sturdy items for manufacturing, industrial and home use. Our process takes materials from cradle to grave and smelters them down to make new coil stock or ingots, which starts the process over again. 

Reduce your carbon footprint.
Recycling reduces the amount of energy that would be used on creating both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. 70 percent of all new production metals are made from recycled materials, so if you have a 100-pound steel sheet, 70 pounds of it was made from scrap! With your help it could be even more! 

Don’t trust an inexperienced scrap yard with your metal items, trust Admiral Metals' experience to recycle your metals and give you a fair payout! Visit our facility or contact us today to get started.