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Electronic Recycling Yard Sterling Heights MI | Admiral Metals - escrap(1)Bring all of your accepted electronic scrap to Admiral Metals for great prices on computers, cell phones, power supplies and more!

We live in a culture that thrives on technology. Each year (or even month), new phones, tablets, laptops and electronic products are released, leaving their previous models in the dust. What happens to these previous models? Most likely, they end up sitting in a drawer or on a shelf, never to be used again. E-scrap is one of the quickest growing waste problems in the world, accounting for millions of tons of electronics sitting in landfills. Instead of letting your old electronics gather dust in your business or home, bring them to Admiral Metals in Sterling Heights for cold, hard cash!

Electronic scrap (e-scrap) consists of any unused electronics.

This can be everything from laptops, toasters, cell phones, tablets, motherboards and even floppy disk drives. While you may not have piles of floppy disk drives laying around, there may be obsolete items in your business or home that are sitting around without purpose. Have you recently upgraded to a new phone? Your old phone could be worth more than a spot in your junk drawer! When you bring your e-scrap to Admiral Metals, we give you top dollar for it. It’s a win-win situation: you’re freeing up space and earning cash for it!

Throwing away electronic waste means that your items will sit in a landfill.

Electronic Recycling Yard Sterling Heights MI | Admiral Metals - landfillThis means that they will not only be unused, they’ll emit hazardous materials and toxic chemicals into the environment. These chemicals include lead, mercury and more, which can cause ecological risks to humans near landfills, animals that wander through them and the air around them. Admiral Metals harvests e-scrap, then processes it to the point where it can be used again and then reintroduced into the marketplace.

Admiral Metals Buys the Following E-Scrap:

  • Computer Towers
  • Laptops (and Laptop Batteries)
  • Insulated Wire
  • Servers and Mainframes
  • Cell Phones (and Cell Phone Batteries)
  • Hard Drives
  • Floppy Disk, DVD and CD-ROM Drives
  • RAM (Computer/Server Memory)
  • Pentium CPU Chips
  • Power Supply
  • APC Power Back-ups
  • AC Adapters
  • Large Printers/Copy Bizhub Machines
  • Motherboards, Fingerboards, Video Card Boards and Many Other Boards (Such as Unpopulated Boards)
  • Many Other Parts and Components

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