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Admiral Metals LLC - COVID-19 Updates

Admiral Metals LLC takes the safety and well being of our clients and team members very seriously. We are closely monitoring the Coronavirus/COVID-19 developments both locally and nationally. In addition, we will be following the CDC and State Health Department recommendations as the situation develops.

As part of these efforts, we are taking the following steps:

    To Our Team Members

  • putting our team members in separate jobs and area with social distance
  • limit and rotate the members that come to work daily
  • wearing facial masks and gloves at all times
  • using sanitizer and wash hands frequently
  • we will force employees to stay home if not feeling well
  • make sure our office and workspaces are cleaned and santized daily

    To Our Customers and Drivers

  • please stay in the truck unless in a designated unloading area, we will have someone assist you if necessary
  • if no one shows up, please call the office (586) 254-1117 or email info@admiralscrapmetals.com
  • if you come into the warehouse we have marked off designated places for you to stand and wait for assistance PLEASE FOLLOW THE RED MARKINGS ON THE GROUND OR ASK FOR HELP